Monday, April 16, 2007

HMPRO: Home Product Center Public Company Limited

If you are looking for investing in a similar Home Depot (NYSE symbol: HD) or Low's Company (NYSE symbol: LOW) in Thailand, this is it, the Home Product Center Public Company Limited (SET symbol: HMPRO). This company has a good ran since the IPO. The revenues has been growing and still continue to do so by expansion more branch outside of Bangkok. The sales growth is almost 6 times over the past 6 years, (2000-2006, from 2.2K to 15K), or about 38% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).

Home Product Center Public Company Limited was founded on June 27, 1995 with the initial registered capital of Baht 150 million. The Company is a joint venture between Land and Houses Group, American International Assurance Co., Ltd. and the Sarasin family. The Company was listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand on October 30, 2001.
The Company was established with an objective to operate a retail business by selling goods and providing complete services relating to construction, improvement, decoration and renovation of buildings, houses and residence places under the trade name "HomePro".
On July 31, 2006, the Company has 23 branches in total, of which 15 branches are located ingreat Bangkok and another 11 branches in up-country provinces.
On May 26, 2005 Market Village Co.,Ltd. was incorporated "Market Village" being a subsidiary, located at 234/1 Petchkasem Road, Hua-Hin, Prachaubkirikhan. Home Product Center Public Company Limited holds 99.99% of shares in Market Village. Presently, its registered capital is Baht 5 million.
Market Village was formed with objectives to manage leasing space for Home Product Center Public Company Limited and to provide facilities services to lessees. It commenced operation on the project "Hua-Hin Market Village" which is located at Petchkasem Road, Hua-Hin, Prachaubkirikhan. This is opened in the first quarter of 2006

Sunday, April 15, 2007

BH: Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited

Wow, it is not the great running hospital, nor the growth of operation, but I wow on the market price or the way that investor value this company. Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited (SET symbol: BH) currently is trading on 27 times of profit and almost 10 times of the book value.
Anyway, this is still within my watch list. I just like the hospital strategy to ride along the health tourism wave. It's target to the client in North America, Europe, Middle East who would like to have a standard medical practices at about 25% of price.


Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited operates private hospital business in Bangkok with 554 beds and is one of the leaders in healthcare provider in Thailand and in the Southeast Asia region. The Company provides complete healthcare services including both outpatient and inpatient.
The Company has always emphasized the importance of quality healthcare and experienced physicians.The Company is the first hospital in Asia and the only hospital in Thailand to receive the US standard accreditation from Joint Commission International Accreditation (JCIA).

CCET: Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand)

Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited
Since the inception of IPO in year 2001, Cal-Comp (SET Symbol:CCET) has been making profit in the positive number and pay high dividend. The IPO price was set at 3 Baht a share (split adjusted) and the dividens has been paying out at 10% of the IPO price and been paying higher in the last year.

This could be a candidate for those Dividend play strategy.

Cal-Comp Electronics (Thailand) Public Company Limited was established on 4th December, 1989 and listed in the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2001 under the symbol of CCET and listed in Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation as Taiwan Depositary Receipts in 2003 under the symbol of 9105. We are the leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) Company to provide the services in terms of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) & ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) across variety of products for our clients that is mostly are export to worldwide market.
Over 14 years manufacturing experiences in Thailand, Cal-Comp's product quality is well accepted by worldwide clients. The precise manufacturing plan, 6 Sigma Quality and Total Quality Management (TQM), Virtual Factory, advance manufacturing technology, strict quality testing process, defective yield rate analysis, strong supply chain management, delicate staffs, all makes product quality becomes a must. As a result, this brings the company become well known and recognized both locally and internationally for its high-standard quality of products which was preliminarily granted a certificate of standard entitled ISO 9002, ISO 14001, QS-9000 and IEC17025.